Service Saddle

Saddles are integral part of most Air grid piping of the equalisation, mixing and aeration tanks. High Grade PVC Saddles are available with different Diameter to suit the diameter of lateral pipe.

The Saddle are avialble with Single entry i.e. End Connection or Double entry.
Single End Connection Saddle is popularly used for Disc Diffusers, Both Coarse and Fine of various diameters
Double Entry saddles are used for connecting the tube diffuser with nipple on both the sides.
The size of end connection will be 3/4th inch or 1 inch depending on the size of nipple.
The Saddles are offered to the bulk buyers at the cost effective prices. We offer different sizes of the saddles that cater to client's specific needs.

Size 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch
Thread Size 3/4 Inch
Type Single Entry/double entry


SS Clamps are specially manufactured for mounting the Membranes on the Tube with required degree of clamping. This is suitable for all the sizes and makes of Tube diffusers.


High grade quality, SSI brand spare membrane of various sizes are available in stock & ready to deliver or any maintenance & retrofitting requirements.