Stream Energy Systems

Stream Energy Systems

Our team is committed to GLOBAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS
As a player in the field of environment we take pride in contributing towards health and welfare of living being and nature by providing energy efficient and cost effective solutions to improve the quality of water, waste water and environment.

We have 5 decades of professional management experience in the field of energy and environment. Our team has the deepest sense of responsibility towards our customers and society as a whole.

Stream Energy Systems

What We Do

We cater to the social and economic requirements of our clients who consider to protect the environment. Our projects start from mini STP for individuals to large waste water treatment plants.

Plant at Borivali

Capacity 250KLD

Process : Biological/ Oxidation treatment with fine bubble disc diffusers qty : 35 nos. and MBBR media

Plant at Mangalore

Capacity 500KLD

Process : Biological/ Oxidation treatment with fine bubble Tube diffusers qty : 150 nos.

Stream Energy Systems


Quality Product

As per feedback from clients SSI Aeration systems last longer and work better than other systems they have used

Energy Saving

30% energy savings compared to other aeration systems


Our aeration systems are affordable and cost effective with highest quality standard

Customer Service

We are committed to deliver our promises and support our client in a best possible way
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